Working Hard Behind the Scenes

To SCI, the largest part of our success starts with the people who come in every day and make things happen for each client. That dedication applies to everything we do. At conferences and industry gatherings, our staff is committed to making sure SCI’s voice is heard in our industry for the good of the owner operator and logistics brokers We believe that learning is just as important as doing. Education is the way we stay ahead of the competition. In this spirit, we invest heavily in training for our associates. Sometimes the most important thing SCI can do is support employee enrichment outside of its office. SCI events allow us to cut loose, become a better team, and create a better working environment for all of the people working to make SCI the premier TPA in the industry. SCI believes the more our team works together, the more successful are clients will be. SCI’s strength also comes from its ability to look outside ourselves. SCI is a national company that seeks to effect positive change on a grand scale, but always with an eye on impacting our local community. From food drives to reforestation programs … SCI is always mindful that most lasting changes happen when our staff help others in need. Outreach, education, fun and philanthropy is the way SCI will remain the best TPA in the logistics industry.